Benefits for Celebrities
LifePath allows celebrities to connect with fans in a deep and personal way!

Celebrities can now connect with fans in a new, personal and powerful way.  LifePath allows celebrities to easily share their life story (personal and/or professional) with fans in an enjoyable, simple-to-view, and chronological multimedia format. Fans thrive on information about the celebrities they follow. They want to know everything there is to know, from the day Elvis was born, to how Lady GaGa’s career began.  Big and small events in a celebrity’s career and personal life are meaningful to loyal fans, and LifePath provides a unique venue for celebrities to share those events that matter most to their fans, and thereby build deeper more personal connections with their fans.   LifePath Album Events also allow full event descriptions, and can include clickable links to any site or application. This can generate significant increased sales of merchandise, digital content, ticket sales, and more. 

LifePath’s Coauthoring feature allows celebrities with staff to have collaborative access for the creation and update of the events within a LifePath Album.  These coauthored events can be added to the celebrity’s LifePath and reviewed by all staff members, before they are approved and posted to the public LifePath Album.

LifePath Celebrity Albums can be publicly published to the web, and a unique URL, such as, and can be posted on any marketing program, such as radio, TV, web or any social media site.  Additionally, these LifePath Celebrity Albums can be easily embedded into any existing website, allowing the general public to view them within the celebrity's main website. And all LifePath Celebrity Album visits are tracked, with all tracking data available to the celebrity and staff.

LifePath Celebrity Albums allow visitors to receive real-time celebrity update notifications, simply by adding the LifePath Celebrity Album to their private LifePath account.

LifePath Celebrity Albums will help celebrities build a more loyal and more engaged fan-based community, and increase sales of ticket, music, film, art, merchandise, and other sources of revenue!

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