Benefits for Dementia Patients
Create LifePath can be a positive tool for helping Dementia Patients!

In May of 2012, a medical study was completed about future tools for dementia patients, with the following conclusion:

”"In 5 years’ time it will be commonplace for people with dementia to have a digital life story, including favorite music, photographs and video clips. There will be a touch-screen interface for the tool. The problem will be how to organize the wealth of available material in such a way that the person can use the tool to stimulate their own memories and to share something of their life with others. If this can be addressed, this tool will enable care workers to quickly get to know the person with dementia, and to develop programs of activity and stimulation that reflect the person's interests and passions. This has the potential to take forward person-centered care to a higher level, with care workers being able to have more effective means of adopting an approach that takes into account the person's biography"

The LifePath iBoard is a simple, scalable and elegant solution that meets the requirements and the expectations for digital products to be therapy tools for the improvement and benefits for dementia patients.

Title: The Impact of Individual Reminiscence Therapy for People
with Dementia

by: Bob Woods and P. Subramaniam
Source: Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics (May 2012)