Benefits for Family
Creating and preserving your child's, your parent's, or your own (or even your pet's) LifePath is a priceless experience!

Your Children's LifePaths
You have always been there for your children, literally, from the day they were born.  As they grow to toddlers to teens and eventually to adults, LifePath allows you to record, in real-time, all of those precious moments in their lives, and preserve them in an organized chronological format, so you will be able to enjoy and share them time-and-again with your children, as well as the rest of the family - even the special moments that you might not have remembered on your own.

How about all those drawings and sketches that your children did when they were young?  Do you have them saved in boxes that clutter your closets, draws, and basement - even though many of them are just a scribble?  With LifePath you can scan or take a picture of these “masterpieces” and store them digitally forever (eliminating the guilt of discarding them).  Whether your child becomes a Michael Angelo or not, all those scribbles/masterpieces still have value - the kind you can’t put a price tag on!

Finally, at any time, you can add your child as a coauthor to their own LifePath and let them start adding  events, and eventually, turning over to them the complete control of their LifePath, and they will continue recording their legacy, on their own

Your Elders’ LifePaths
Recording the LifePath of your elders is not only a rewarding and fun experience that can be shared with future generations, but also an opportunity to capture your family's history and the legacy of your elders, before it is lost forever.  LifePath allows you to easily create the life history legacy of your elders who are still with you, and also for those who have passed.

When creating LifePaths for, and with, your elders, you will share their life memories, and you will ask questions about their lives, and learn things that you never would have known about them.  This experience will be incredibly meaningful for the both of you.

The life history details of your elders may also be known by other family members, and LifePath’s coauthoring feature will open up communication within your family, and allow for the collection of all of the content and facts to your elder’s LifePath.

Benefits for Children