Benefits for Job Searching
A Career LifePath can help you get  the job you want - faster and at a higher salary!

Employers often review thousands of resumes before selecting a candidate to interview.  You can now easily create your own Career LifePath - which can be included in your resume (or even replace it!) with a unique URL.  This will dramatically separate you from the rest of the job-seeking pack.  Your Career LifePath will provide potential employers with true validation of your career experience and achievements, with an easy-to-view multimedia in-depth history of your career.  And you can easily publicly share your Career LifePath over the Internet with recruiters and potential employers, and also share it to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The higher level the job is, and the more experience and expertise the job requires, the more information and validation an employer will need in order to confirm a candidates qualifications.  And your Career LifePath will do just that.

You can see a full working example of a Public Career LifePath by viewing the Career LifePath of the CEO of iBoard Incorporated at

Benefits for Children