Benefits for Schools
Teachers can easily, and safely, record and share student activities with parents!

Many teachers use Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to share their students classroom and school activities with parents, but because these are public social media platforms, many of these private classroom postings are also inadvertently shared with total strangers!   This creates unnecessary risk for children and parents, and a huge potential liability for teachers, schools, and school districts.

LifePath Album's private invitation feature allows teachers to safely, and selectively, share classroom and school activities and events exclusively and privately with the parents.  Teachers can also choose to share LifePath Classroom Albums with the students themselves, other teachers, and/or the production-staff of the school's yearbook.  Unlike other social media venues, LifePath does not permit public commenting, which prevents the possibility that negative, controversial, or even mistaken comments could be posted for others to see.  Additionally, LifePath Album Events can be saved by parents and included in the LifePaths that the parents are building for their own children.  And school sports teams, orchestras, clubs and other organizations will also benefit from LifePath, which allows them to record their own unique growth and achievements.

Public and private schools, along with colleges and universities will all benefit from LifePath’s ability to easily organize all recorded school media, and share it privately (or publicly), selectively, and safely, with full content control, providing a great way to keep students and parents, and alumni and donors, engaged in school activities and events!

Benefits for Children