Benefits Overview
LifePath brings content-control, safety, and true connections to the digital world!

The LifePath iBoard brings many benefits to families, schools, politicians, celebrities, and organizations - including businesses, charities, churches, synagogues, and others. The LifePath App lets you easily, safely, and with full content-control (unlike Facebook and Twitter), share your life story (or your school and classroom activities-story, or your organization's story-of-achievements) in an enjoyable chronological, simple-to-view  format.  Some LifePath Albums you may want to share privately with a select group of family and friends, or students and parents, and some LifePath Albums you may want to also share with the general public, such as school alumni, customers, fans, donors, and voters.  In short, you get to share what matters most - with the people who matter most. And that builds true connections!

And whether you are sharing LifePaths privately or publically, you can rest easy knowing that your photos and videos are safely stored and backed up.

Check out the details of the benefits of LifePath for each of its targeted markets.

LifePath Benefits