Coauthoring Loved Ones LifePaths
Multiple authors can help create the LifePath legacy of loved ones and organizations

Creating, updating and maintaining a LifePath can be done by just one person, but sometimes more than one author is best. For example, for families, mom and dad together can create a LifePath for their daughter and share, in real-time, new events that only one of them may have been able to attend (the big dance recital, or the soccer match). Or, grown children who want to create a LifePath for their elderly father can jointly coauthor dad’s LifePath, sharing and reliving wonderful memories in the process. We all have shoeboxes full of precious family photos hidden away in our closets. LifePath allows us to share those special memories through coauthoring as we build the LifePaths of our loved ones. And, the LifePaths of a relative who passed away, which can be best created and preserved for all time by multiple family members, each sharing their own photos, knowledge, and memories.

Additionally, for organizations, celebrities, political candidates, and much more, LifePath’s coauthoring feature allows a staff of people to be the authors of a single LifePath.

The original creator of each LifePath can invite an unlimited amount of people to coauthor any LifePath, just invite people within the specific LifePath, by simply clicking on the “Edit” button, located on the LifePath Card on the home page of the application

Please Note:  Storage costs associated with Coauthored LifePaths, are the responsibility of the coauthor that uploaded the content.  So, if you create a LifePath and invite several people as coauthors for that LifePath, and these coauthors add 5 GB of Event content to this LifePath, your storage amount will not be effected.