LifePath Feature Overview
An easy way to organize, preserve and share what matters!

LifePath  is available on mobile phones, tablets and in web browsers for your laptops and desktop computers, providing you with full mobility to create, maintain and share the meaningful moments and events in the lives of the people you love, yourself, and any organization.

A LifePath is the chronological history of these meaningful moments or events in a person's, or organization's, life.  LifePath Events can be recorded simply with a title and  date, or they may include the time and place of the event and a full description or story with photos and videos

LifePath Albums can be created by selecting events from an existing LifePath which can then be privately, or publicly shared with others.  An Album may include all or any number of events from a LifePath, and you can create as many Albums from a single LifePath as you wish.

LifePaths can be created by a single person, or they can be coauthored by multiple people.

LifePath Features