Other LifePath Feature Details
Learn more on what you can do in the LifePath App

LifePath Album Color Themes
When creating a LifePath Album, you can pick the color theme that matches your goals for an Album that you will share.  <ore color themes will be added, and you can change the color theme at any time, within the “Edit Album” feature.  To see the current color themes available click HERE


Hide / Show LifePath(s)
Located in the Main Menu on the Home Screen of the LifePath App, the “Hide / Show LifePath(s)” feature allows you to hide LifePaths that you have created, or ones that you accepted invitations to, so they do not appear on your Home Screen list.  When you hide a LifePath, you are not deleting it, it's just not visible on the Home Page.  If you want to view hidden LifePaths, you simply go back to this feature and show the LifePath again.

Adding Captions to Photos and Videos
The LifePath allows you to add captions to any photo or video that you uploaded to an Event as follows:

  • Go into a LifePath that you created, or are coauthoring, and click on an event
  • Now go into the full-screen mode for the photos and videos, by clicking on the thumbnails at the bottom of the Event.  Once in the full-screen mode, you will see the “Edit Caption” button in the type right of the picture.  If you don't see the “Edit Caption” button just tap or click the screen to make it viewable.
  • Click on the “Edit Caption” button, and add your caption to this picture
  • Please note: Only the creator or the coauthors of a LifePath can add captions to the photos and videos.

URL Links
Full URL links can be included in a Description/Story and/or any Photo/Video Caption for any Event within a LifePath.  These links can be clicked, and the LifePath iBoard will launch a browser and bring the user to that URL website.  These clickable web links can be used for marketing and additional information purposes.

Purchase Options
To purchase LifePath Credits, for storage and other in-app purchases, click on the Main Menu icon (in the upper right of the app), and look down at the bottom of the menu.  The application will show the following:

  • Amount of storage that you are currently using
  • The your expiration date of either your Trial period, or
  • The estimated expiration of your Credit Balance, based upon your current monthly storage
  • Your Monthly Credit Cost, based upon your current monthly storage
  • Your Credit Balance 

More details about pricing can be found in the Pricing Section of this website.

Request Help or Make Suggestions
To request help, or to send us suggestions, click on the Main Menu and then click on the “Request Help” link.  For additional contact information see the Support Section of this website.