Preserving Your LifePath Content
LifePath is your digital safe deposit box, securely preserving your most treasured memories

Each LifePath that you create, including all of the Events and original content that you upload, is stored in the Cloud on the Amazon S3 servers - which provide secure, durable, highly-scalable object storage, with full backup, archiving and disaster recovery.  Amazon S3 servers are relied on by Netflix, NASDAQ, Pinterest, and many other major businesses where content security is essential.  For more information see .

You never have to worry about losing the photos and videos that preserves your family's and your organization's most treasured memories. Even if the device that your content was originally stored on fails, and all of your data is erased, LifePath will offer a Recovery Service that will allow you to re-download all of the original content that you uploaded (This means that the “original content” stored on the Amazon S3 servers and is not compressed in any way).

Digital Safe Deposit Box