LifePath iBoard Press Release - June 2, 2015

New LifePath iBoard® Allows Families to Easily Create, Share and Preserve  the Life History of its Loved Ones

Free Digital App Can Be Download Starting Today in the Apple Store and in the Google Play Store

PENNINGTON NJ – June 2, 2015 – Gone are the days when storing family photos in shoeboxes, drawers and photo albums was the norm and welcome to the new digital world of the LifePath iBoard® which had its debut today as the latest user-friendly digital app that provides families with an easy and fun-filled way of creating, sharing and preserving the life history of its family and loved ones. Gone are the worries that your photo albums might be stolen, lost or destroyed in a flood or fire, denying your children, grandchildren and other family members years down the road the rare opportunity to share those memories.

According to Christopher Gentile, founder and CEO of iBoard Incorporated, the new app has been created to meet the needs of today’s high tech digital society where almost everyone uses a Smartphone, tablet, or web browser on a desktop or laptop computer. “Our mission is to inspire humanity to create, preserve and share their personal legacy, one LifePath at a time, and thanks to websites like and television shows that explore the family histories of celebrities and other public figures, there is greater interest than ever before in researching and discovering the secrets and mysteries hanging on the branches of one’s family tree,” he says. “In the past before digital cameras, selfies and mini video cameras, photo taking was limited as camera rolls had a maximum of 36 photos. Today, digital and smartphone cameras make it easier for people of all ages to take and preserve a ton of photographs and video clips of loved ones, special occasions and vacation trips and display them for other family members and select friends almost instantly. And unlike Facebook, Instagram and other social media which is displayed (at best) in a limited time-line fashion and for almost everyone to see, the LifePath iBoard displays and stores your memories in a chronological organized fashion where life-events and meaningful moments can be highlighted and prioritized, which only the LifePath creator controls, and allows only those with appropriate access codes to visit and revisit those pictorial and video memories on demand.”

The LifePath iBoard App is free and can now be downloaded by the general public in the Apple Store at ( as well as in the Google Play Store at (  In addition, the official web site for LifePath iBoard is now up and running at

How does it work? The LifePath iBoard is available on mobile phones, tablets and in web browsers for your laptops and desktop computers, providing you with full mobility to create, maintain and share the meaningful moments and events in the lives of the people you love. A LifePath is the chronological history of these meaningful moments or events in a person's life. LifePath Events can be recorded simply with a title and date, or they may include the time and place of the event and a full description or story with photos and videos  LifePath Albums can be created by selecting events from an existing LifePath which can then be privately shared with others.  An Album may include all or any number of events from a person's LifePath, and you can create as many Albums from a single LifePath as you wish. LifePaths can be created by a single person, or they can be coauthored by multiple people.

What are the benefits of LifePath? There are many benefits that the LifePath iBoard will bring to you and your family.  As you create the LifePaths for your loved ones, you will not only start to record information that will be passed down to future generations, but you will also find out things that you never knew about your family.  Knowing that your photos, videos and most meaningful memories are safely stored and backed up, will bring a sense of security to your life.  The real-time recording and sharing of loved ones lives will help your family to be more connected, and experience each other’s’ lives even if they are far apart.  LifePath is also an effective tool for loved ones suffering from varying degrees of dementia, including Alzheimer’s, as a LifePath can be a digital tool that can bring a loved one back to the memories of the past, while letting them see where they are at the moment.

LifePath iBoard® Pricing
LifePath iBoard Pricing For Viewing Shared LifePath Albums
If you create a LifePath account and you are only viewing shared LifePath Albums, there is no cost.

LifePath iBoard Pricing For Creating & Maintaining LifePaths
Once you start creating LifePaths for your loved ones, you will get the first year free, with a maximum storage of 250 MB.  Once the 1st year trial is over, or if you need more than 250 MB of storage, you will need to buy additional storage, which is inexpensive, and the cost is paid using LifePath Credits.  The LifePath Credits Cost each month is based upon your storage amount, at a rate of 1 Credit for each GB of storage.  Pricing for LifePath Credits is as follows:

  • $4.99 - Set of 12 LifePath Credits
  • $8.99 - Set of 24 LifePath Credits
  • $16.99 - Set of 60 LifePath Credits
  • $29.99 - Set of 120 LifePath Credits

Purchasing LifePath Credits
Purchasing LifePath Credits can be done easily within the application and the application will show you the following real-time account information:

  • Amount of storage that you are currently using
  • The expiration date of either your Trial period, or the estimated expiration of your Credit Balance (based upon your current monthly storage)
  • Your Monthly Credit Cost, based upon your current monthly storage
  • Your Credit Balance

The LifePath iBoard® digital application will be discussed in depth by IBoard CEO Christopher Gentile in two six-minute interviews he has recorded with Olga Villaverde, host of The Balancing Act®, the first episode which airs on Lifetime® Television on Thursday, June 4, at 7:30 AM (ET/PT) and re-airs on Thursday June 11, at 7:30 AM (ET/PT).   The second episode also includes Christopher Gentile’s wife, Christine Marie Gentile, who discusses the positive effects of the LifePath iBoard for dementia patients, the second episode which airs on Lifetime on Thursday, July 2, at 7:30 AM (ET/PT) and on Thursday, July 9, at 7:30 AM (ET/PT).

“LifePath is a comprehensive, interactive, personalized and collaborative personal resume of a life,” says Christopher Gentile. “Stored in a digital vault, LifePath ensures that the lives, achievements and precious memories of you and your loved ones can be easily accessed and celebrated for generations.”

About iBoard Inc.

iBoard Inc. desktop and mobile include proprietary and patent pending technologies that applications represent next generation social network platform.  They uniquely deliver, “true privacy” and security for both users and data, while delivering custom features and functionality to meet each specific market and client needs

The Company's array of applications includes Custom iBoards® which are designed and licensed for business, organizational and consumer use. Business to Business  iBoards® have been utilized by Lexus, Ameriprise Financial, Country Music Television and others for communication, content distribution, training, production and creative. Consumer iBoards® have been utilized for ongoing B2C communication by companies, such as MTV Networks, Cablevision, DirecTV, Best Buy, Comcast, and Bell South, to deliver and distribute exclusive content to promote viewership and the acquisition of new products.

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iBoard Incorporated founding members are seasoned management executives, technologists and marketers who have an average of 25+ years of applicable experience, including successful startup and management of private and public entrepreneurial ventures.

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