Sharing LifePath Albums
Share your LifePaths privately and/or publicly

LifePaths can be easily shared with family, friends and/or the general public by creating LifePath Albums.

Private sharing allows the author(s) of a LifePath to invite one or more people to share a LifePath Album with, and those people will receive private invitation email with an acceptance link.  Once the link is used, it will be deactivated,  thereby securing the privacy of these LifePath Albums.

Public Sharing allows author(s) of a LifePath to purchase a unique web link that will fully display the shared LifePath Album to the general public.  The Public Shared LifePath Album web links can be distributed throughout the Internet through emails, TV ads, magazine ads, websites, Facebook, Twitter and all other social media methods.  Public Career LifePaths can validate, enhance, and even replace your standard-format resume, which will help you get the job you want – faster, and at a higher salary.  And political candidates, for example, would be wise to share their LifePath Albums with the general public since it is an easy and affordable way to reach their target audiences – the voters!  After LifePath Albums are shared, any new comments, additions, changes or deletions are automatically updated in real-time within in any LifePath Album shared, privately and/or publicly.

LifePath’s new Facebook Share feature allows you to share any Event that is created in any of your LifePaths, and easily share it on your Facebook page with just 2 simple clicks.

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